Oggygames.org offers a big collection of Oggy games which are derived from the animated comedy series "Oggy and the Cockroaches"("Oggy et les Cafards" in French), produced by French production company - Xilam and Gaumont Film Company. It is about an overweight blue cat named Oggy who prefers to spend everyday on eating and watching TV but is always disturbed by the three cockroaches: Joey, Dee and Marky.

    Most Oggy games are built on the funny chases of the 4 main characters. For example, in "Oggy and Cockroaches Lunch Defense game" (also called "Oggy Fries") player will help Oggy to defeat Joey, Dee Dee and Marky and protect potato chips disc for lunch; or in "Oggy the racer", naughty cockroaches stole Oggy's chicken, so Oggy must race to chase after them and collect food on the road for energy. They also may just use the figure of Oggy to build games such as: "Oggy Mania game" (also called "Oggy Teris") which is simply a tetris game but Oggy is the controller; "Oggy Whack them all" in which player give a blow with a hammer on the three Cockroaches when they emerge from the holes, "New Oggy Moshi" in which gamers will take care of a cat and his everyday life tasks. Pay a visit to oggygames.org to have fun with new and popular Oggy games.

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